Status Shuffle for Facebook Video Reviews & tips and tricks you should know

Status Shuffle for Facebook iPhone & iPad Review

Reviewing Status Shuffle for Facebook for the iPhone and iPad. To check out more reviews, please visit Find out more about Status ...

Status Shuffle Lite for Facebook iPhone & iPad Review

App Review #1-Status Shuffle

App Review- Status Shuffle

Hey guys! I know i haven't been making videos in a while i've been trying to get good grades in school and do my youtube videos at the same time it's really hard ...

Status Shuffle for fb ! review

Status Shuffle

We take a look back at some of the statuses we submitted to Status Shuffle, a Facebook app that lets you submit, browse, and post statuses. Check out the app ...

Status Shuffle Facebook App Demo Video

How to get status shuffle on iPod free!

1. Status Shuffle- Go to Facebook on safari. 2. Like the app-"StatusShuffle" 3. Open it wait for it to load all the way! 4.Add it to home screen.

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Apple iPod Touch 2015 6th Generation refresh! Game: Leo's Fortune Giveaway winner: ...

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